Irma Gerd

A quick update:

My family and I took a Category 3 hurricane almost head on, maybe even worse than head-on, because the right eyewall went right over us, so we got all the fun winds and stuff for even longer than head-on, with no eye to provide relief.

Bottom line is, though, as Unc says, if you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse, a hurricane is just another windstorm. We’re all fine,  no damage to home or ourselves, but landline internet is out for the rest of week so updates will be spotty at best.

Thanks for your concern and well-wishes.

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  1. When you vanished off of the Book of Face for two days after announcing the eyewall over your house, you had me a bit worried. Glad to know everything came out well.

    Remember, all we have back here in Arizona is five months of heat and the occasional haboob.

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