Goodbye, Grant.

Hüsker Dü’s “Zen Arcade” was a watershed moment in my life: It made me realize that there was more to punk than spittle and rage.

And now 1/3 of the band that made that album is gone.

Music will go on, good songs will continue to be written, and a new generation will rebel against the conformist ways of the generation before them, but for a few, brief, shining years, we had a band that could take the mindless anger of punk and shape it into a force that changed lives.

I hear it every day on the radio
Somebody shoots a guy he don’t even know
Airplanes falling out of the sky
A baby is born and another one dies
Highways fill with refugees, now
Doctors finding out about disease
With all this uptight pushing and shoving
Keeps us away from who we’re loving