Are We Winning Yet?

At one point in time, Wired magazine was a bastion of techno-libertarianism, where articles on cryptography went side-by-side with articles on using the Internet to empower individuals to take charge of their lives.

That era is long-gone, and Wired has veered so far towards progressivism, they endorsed Hillary Clinton for President last year.

Which makes this article on “gunsplaining” rather interesting. The author correctly points out that most attempts at gun control fail because the people who make gun control laws have no friggin’ clue how guns actually work, so they wind up legislating on feelings rather than facts. The problem with that is, of course, that effective laws require precision, and precision and emotion are not usually associated with each other, leading to horrible laws that are easy to circumvent. What the author doesn’t realize, though, is that if liberals learn more about guns, it won’t lead to better gun laws, it’ll lead to fewer gun controls, not more of them. I’m all for more people learning about guns, because once they understand what they can and can’t do, we win.

Every. Single. Time.

Is there a realization on the left that they sound like morons when it comes to guns? I hope so, because that means they are starting to fight this fight on OUR terms, not theirs, and once the enemy is fighting your battle rather than theirs, the path to victory becomes a whole lot clearer.

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  1. Kev,

    Yes, about 15-20 years ago, Wired was readable and somewhat informative. Now…well, does anybody read them?

    Regarding guns, the data and facts are on our side. The catch is most of the progressive/leftists out there have no desire to learn anything about guns. They are smug and feel safe in their enclaves, separated from the reality of cause and effect. I don’t expect this to change, leading to the political equivalent of trench warfare. The Left won’t change because they are invested in an ideology that has cult-like beliefs which aren’t compatible with reality. Maybe I’m being pessimistic here but I don’t see a lot of movement from the gun-grabbers to the liberty-lovers, just folks digging in for a fight.

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