Discrete CCW Update

quietly armed

Two things happened recently that have affected my choices of gear in discrete environments. One was listening to legendary mustache lawman Chuck Haggard talk about how he would advise people to carry a spicy treat dispenser rather than a reload, and the second is reading John Correia of Active Self Protection talk about how, out of the 10,000 gunfight’s he’s analyzed on video, a civilian has never had to reload, not even once.

This is why I no longer carry a spare mag for the LCP2. When I’m in business casual, I can carry stuff in my pockets, and that’s about it, so I have to keep my gear down to the absolute minimum.

Current Discrete Carry, Clockwise from Upper Left
Sticky Holster Pocket Holster, strong side pocket
Ruger LCP2 With Crimson Trace Green Laser, in holster
Streamlight 2xAAA Stylus Pro flashlight, clipped to weak side pocket
LCP2 magazine, in gun
6+1 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense .380ACP, in magazine
CRKT Pazoda 2, clipped in weak side pocket next to flashlight
Sabre Red pepper spray, weak side pocket
Leatherman PS multitool, on keychain
Keys, weak side pocket
Wallet, weak side pocket

All of that disappears fairly easily into the pockets of my work khakis. I’m not 100% satisfied with carrying that pepper spray rattling around loose in my pocket, but it will do until I come up with something else. I had been carrying around a Photon Micro-Light II on my keychain, but I realized that I wasn’t using it, and if for some reason I needed a backup flashlight, there’s an app on my phone that will work just fine for that task.

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  1. Consider switching to this:
    Part #PGSP-01.

    I think it is a little safer for pocket carry than the external safety lever type you currently carry. Your current one typically came in a leatherette pouch with keyring at the bottom. Made me nervous when I would find the lever rotated to the fire slot, especially after having one “burp” when it got bumped.

    I’ve got several Streamlight lights, and they exhibit a bad connection through the cap screw threads. Annoying to have to play with the cap to get them to function. The 1xAAA version seems to overheat and switch off, and also quits working before the battery runs down very far. The clip is handy in being able to attach to a hat brim. You never have to worry about accidentally turning it on in a pocket, but it takes two hands to accomplish! Just realized that I haven’t used the 2xAAA enough to determine if it has the same power quirks. Doesn’t have the hat clip. I switched the other tailcap on to it, and found it works on the heavier light. Sticks out a ways, though. Same switch/tailcap.

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