Urban Grey Man

I see this all the time, especially at our local Wal-Mart. Sum dood wearing a gun-related hat and Mossy Oak t-shirt with a silk screen on it that loudly proclaims his love to all around him for the 2nd amendment. If he’s carrying, he’s carrying so well that he’s not printing, and he walks up to the sporting goods counter and talks about his shooting exploits to everyone there.

… and then buys one 50 round box of .40 or .45 (Never 9mm. Never, ever 9mm.).

Meanwhile, lil’ ol’ me in my polo shirt and khakis smiles quietly, noticing that a good portion of the gun-related books for sale at the gun counter were authored by friends of mine…

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  1. “… my polo shirt and khakis…” Mine are Blackhawk! and/or Vertx, or others, and I’ve only been obviously noticed once in maybe 4-5 years since I started wearing this attire. In H-Depot, of all places.
    People see what they expect to see, for the most part. In some areas, what he was wearing would be considered the normal uniform. WHAT you are wearing is less important than if it fits into the scene, or makes you part of it. Breaking the pattern is what gets people’s attention. Heck, robbers have walked past open-carried belt guns to get to the head of the line to rob the store clerk, which just reinforces the observation that most people are not very observant.

    1. I kinda like Vertx polos. I wear black pretty much 100% of the time, and they fade slower than most other clothing brands I’ve owned.

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