Last SHOT…

One of the trends I noticed at the show this year was the return of suppressors with wipes.

Wipes, if you recall, are flexible, soft expansion chambers inside a can that do a great job of sucking up noise because they’re soft and flexible, but because they’re soft and flexible, they also wear out, while metal does not.

However, the ATF recently ruled that having spare wipes on-hand is a no-no, as those are considered to be parts to build a can, and you and I aren’t allowed to do that without the permission of the government.

But that hasn’t seemed to stop the industry. Gem-Tech has a nice little can that uses wipes, as does Thompson Machine and GSL Technologies.

The times, they are a-changing.

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  1. Ramping up to enter the LEO market? LE doesn’t have to deal with as much of BATFE’s BS, and I bet their health insurers would love to stop having to pay out on hearing aid claims.

    1. Possibly. Gem-Tech mentioned that the Aurora II was something they originally developed in response to a military contract, so who knows?

      The interesting thing is, because they require less engineering than a metal can, the prices on these suppressors are quite good.

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