Surviving The Death Of The GunBlogosphere

First off, let’s face facts: Gunblogging (and indeed, blogging of all kinds) is pretty much dead. It’s pining for the fjords of Norway. It has ceased to be, and social media is now triumphant.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am seeing a LOT of requests for links from companies and individuals asking me to link to them in order to boost their SEO results. 99.9% of them I turn down because I really don’t see how linking to vaping supplies or woman’s shoes is related to a gunblog, but I will let a few through if the idea is right. So maybe blogging at or the like is in trouble, but if you’ve got your own IP address, your own domain name and some decent inbound links, people will want to talk with you about making their domain results a little bit better.

And then there’s blogger burnout. Yes, it’s a thing, but I do this so I don’t talk guns with my wife all the time, so I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I’m liking how the blog is working in conjunction with my other writing efforts, and I like where things are headed.

Update: More on blogging (photoblogging, to be exact) from my friend and mentor Don Giannatti.

As social media begins to reveal its rather impressively large negative influences, as well as the increasing stultifying of creativity even as it may create some as well, there must be another way to be involved and engaged.

Facebook is too easy. It is too contained. It is becoming an echo chamber for anger, pity, fake news and ideas, and the constantly inwardly focus of the perpetually incensed.

That doesn’t sound like a great idea for a community to me.


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  1. We may be dead and then again we are beautiful zombies that scare Mommies Demanding Something and Other.

    I was lucky I found a young writer, so i reckon the blog will survive a bit longer.

  2. I often ask bloggers and authors to come on the show to promote their writing. I have 2 of the best bloggers as co-hosts.

    It seems to me that the more time goes on the more people want to be spoon fed small amounts of easily consumed infotainment. They don’t want to put forth any effort at all (How dare you make me read?!)

    I don’t know that there is a cure, but I still do my best to help gain exposure to those that make me think.

    1. “I often ask bloggers and authors to come on the show to promote their writing. I have 2 of the best bloggers as co-hosts.”

      *looks at appointment calendar*

      Hmmmm….. 🙂

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