Flash Site Pictures, Monday Edition.

I’ve been busy.

Really satisfied with how my hog hunting with an AR-15 article for American Hunter turned out, and I’m also really satisfied how the hunt itself turned out. We had the backstrap from my hog for dinner last week with some mixed vegetables and rice pilaf, and it was some of the best pork I’ve had in my life.

My take on handheld lights vs. weapon mounted lights (Spoiler alert: Is it too much to ask for both?).

The ancient Greeks invented the Olympics as a way to practice beating each other up without beating each other to a pulp. Other cultures have also figured out that sport is useful way to practice combat, so why is there any doubt as to whether competing in practical shooting is a good thing or not for the person who carries a self-defense firearm?

A round up of 10mm handguns out there right now. I find it somewhat interesting that 10mm is back with a vengeance, and the cartridge designed to replace it, the .40S&W, is quickly fading from view.

And now some stuff not written by me.

It’s always the guns and never the mess we’ve created (in a Chicago paper, no less…).

Even Canadian-style gun control isn’t enough for some Canadians. Yes, there is a slippery slope, and yes, it is to be avoided at all costs.

A nice little 40 round practice drill for precision rifle. The tetonic plates are shifting here, and I might MIGHT!) get a chance to shoot some .22 precision in the near future. Looking forward to it.