Take a few moments to read David Yamane’s review of “Citizen Protectors,” Jennifer Carlson’s book on the sociology of guns in America.

Two big takeaways:

“Guns solve problems for the people who bear them.”

This. A gazillion times this. I, along with millions of other responsible gun owners in America, take the time and effort to maximize the benefits of owning a gun, while minimizing the drawbacks. I want my guns to SOLVE problems, not cause them.

Secondly is this quote:

“The National Rifle Association is a quasi-regulatory agency governing concealed carry in the United States.

The VAST majority of concealed carry instructors in the U.S. get certified to teach concealed carry in their state because they are certified by the NRA as a qualified instructor. As such, NRA Training is pretty much the standard (how rigorous of a standard is a topic for another post.


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  1. I had not thought of the NRA in that role. I know in my state (MN) that’s one of the possible certifications for a concealed carry instructor, but they don’t teach the NRA material. I’m planning to take the three NRA courses (Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home) just to see what the curriculum looks like.

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