Life During Wartime.

One year ago today, the eye of Hurricane Irma passed right over my house, knocking out power and cutting us off from the world for days.

What have I learned since then?

  • Prepping means preparing long before you’ll need the things you’re storing up. Seems simple and obvious, but it was amazing to watch bottled water disappear from the store shelves when things got dicey.
  • The sound of garbage trucks is the sound of civilization returning your community.
  • Lumens are life. Multiple sources of light, enough for at least one light for each member of your household, are absolutely essential: they’re right up there with water and food.
  • Lumens also let people know that you care. We had a couple of cars poke their nose into our street after curfew, but a quick 500 lumen blast told them they might want to go somewhere else.
  • A solar recharger is DARN handy. It’s the absolute minimum for any grid-down situation, especially when your flashlights use rechargeable batteries.
  • Generators are better.
  • Gas cans are cheap. Fill them up at the first indication that the storm is headed your way.
  • The shortages after the hurricane passes will be worse than you think. It was days until we could fill up the cars with gas, and weeks until food supplies were back to normal.
  • A good supply of cash on-hand gives you the same comfortable feeling of security that a good ammo supply does.
  • Expect not to be able to communicate for at least a couple of days.
  • Most importantly, GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS. I relied on the people of my street to help put up shutters and keep us safe, and I helped out a friend of mine after the storm had passed. To quote the 20th century’s greatest philosopher, a man alone is easy prey. Do something about that.

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  1. After the hurricane panels, the generator was the best investment we did for hurricane prep. Don’t buy a cheap one, get a good brand. remember, you may not use it for years and then need it at a moment’s notice. Nothing says “Good Buy” as that engine coming to life after a couple of pulls.

    Water: Your faucet has all the water you need to prep. Go to WalMart and buy several 5 gallon water bottles (About $8). Remember the mantra : “One gallon per day per person.” Two of those per person gets you 10 days and you did not have to fight with people for bottled water.

    1. Got four 5 gallon jugs in my garage as I type this.

      Also, flashlights sold out quickly, but there were dozens and dozens of cheap solar-powered yard lights on the shelves.

      Set them outside during the day, and you have 4-5 hours of light inside the house at night.

    2. Also also… gasoline will be scarcer than hen’s teeth before, during and after an event. Get gas cans now, and fill them up the instant it looks like trouble is headed your way.

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