We Work Hard So You Don’t Have To.

I wonder if the people who attend the same training class year after year and don’t see improvement feel that by attending that class, they’ve already done the work. There is no reason to do more and practice and train and shoot a match and find out how much they suck, because they’ve went to the class and they have the KNOWLEDGE they need to defend their lives successfully.

But as the Apostle James said, faith without works is dead.

Heck, I’m guilty of it. Ask me how much combatives I’ve done since I took Craig Douglas’s class, and I’ll tell you its “zero.” On the other hand, one of the reasons why I couldn’t participate in any of the evos is because I was fat and out of shape, but those two I can change.

It kinda reminds me of church: If you go on Christmas and Easter only and expect it to change your life, you’re fooling yourself. However, if you do the work, if you understand the need to change, doggone it, things change.