Shooting By The Book.

Much fun was had last week talking on social media about what we’d do with the outrageous amount of money we’d have at our disposal if we won Mega Millions.

What would I do? Like you have to ask

However, two friends of mine suggested independently of each other that they’d use the money to help build shooting ranges in areas of the country where there are none.

What an interesting idea.

There is precedent for it. Literacy in the poorer parts of the nation was vastly improved by the creation of Carnegie libraries where there were no libraries, and Rosenwald Schools where there were no schools. If the right to self-defence is an inherit right enshrouded in the Constitution, (and it is) isn’t it the government’s business to ensure that right can be used? After all, it ain’t private businesses that are used as polling places, it’s schools, churches and other community centers.

Along with people like myself who support the NRA with our meager donations, there are wealthy people out there who are donating scads of cash to advance gun rights. This is good, and it should continue. However, donating a gazillion dollars to advance gun rights means squat if there are no places to shoot. Maybe it’s time for a program, funded much like the Carnegie Libraries were, that will give people a place to exercise the Second Amendment rights we’ve fought so hard for.

Okay, Koch brothers. There’s the idea. Now hire me to run it. 🙂

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  1. If you mean free or low cost public ranges then I agree. I have looked several times in different places for a nearby range provided by Ohio DNR. there are none in my area, sw corner. Most other areas of the state have them but the closest one to me is over an hour away. I guess our area doesn’t count or have enough pull to have one.
    [steps down from soapbox]

  2. 1. You asked “isn’t it the government’s business to ensure that right can be used?”
    No. It is the government’s business to ensure that right is not infringed.

    2. Sometimes there are no places to shoot because there is insufficient demonstrable demand for them to justify the cost of construction and maintenance. In many rural areas people use their own property and establish their own private ranges. Poet Robert Frost wrote that good fences make good neighbors. When it comes to outdoor ranges, good berms and baffle barriers that reduce noise and stray rounds make good neighbors.

    1. 1. +100 points for quoting my favorite RF poem (although the point of the poem was to tear down the wall…).
      2. Those libraries and schools were built where the people who need them are, but don’t have access such things because of bigoted local governments. Sounds like a we need to build more indoor ranges in the inner city, where there are gazillions of blighted acres that need some kind of tax revenue. Carnegie and Rosenwald built those structures without thought of ROI, and that’s what will be needed here.

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