Jump Into Harm’s Way, For Fun And Profit!

Jump into harm’s way, for fun and profit!

 Airsoft CZ

See that? That’s an airsoft CZ P07. It looks, feels and handles almost identical to my daily carry gun. I use it for draw practice and transisiton and movement drills in my backyard. It’s cheap, under a hundred bucks, and it won’t kill anyone downrange from it. 

The same cannot be said for these guys.

I’ve yet to figure out what having people downrange during live-fire does for a student, other than give him real-world experience with the civil and criminal court systems. 

Don’t Mess With My Wife

Don’t mess with my wife

Mission accomplished

That's gonna leave a mark.

That’s her results with my CZ75 and P07 from 15-25 feet. And it gets better with the S&W K-22 revolver her Dad gave to us when he passed away. 

pop pop pop

I’ll leave any more training she might need to the experts

A few observations from this outing… 

  1. I wasn’t the only one. In the lane next to us was a young man teaching his girlfriend to shoot and there was another couple a few lanes over as well (and my wife out-shot ’em both 😀 ). 
  2. An hour or two of dry-fire practice beforehand REALLY paid off on the range. 
  3. .22 revolvers ROCK as a gun for first-time shooters. My wife learned a smooth, sustained trigger pull by starting out with the K-22 and the recoil and noise was non-existent. 

What’s the secret for teaching your spouse to shoot? Patience, encouragement, reasonable expectations and a willingness to do something they like (but you don’t) in return.

I’ve been wanting to get her out to the range for months now, and I think I was able to do this outing because I started showing interest in her activities, so she started showing interest in mine. I wasn’t expecting my wife to turn into Debbie Keehart overnight, but I did want her to know how to safely operate the gun(s) we have for home defence, and in return, I’m going to the new Harry Potter movie with her next month. If and when we go shooting again, I’d like her to try out some rental guns: She had issues hitting the mag release button and slide lock lever on both my CZ’s, some maybe there’s something out there more suited to her hands. The big takeaway from today was her safety habits were/are first-rate, and that makes a trainer ‘s job so much easier.

Consumer Tip

Consumer Tip

FYI, the rail on top of a Nerf™ gun is Weaver / Picatinny compatible.

Here’s proof.

Is this really a good idea

That’s my ADCO red dot on top of one of my son’s Nerf Guns, and it fits it very well (though there are some issues with compensating for dart-drop).

STILL Not The Wild West

STILL not the Wild West

It’s been over a year since permit-less concealed carry was signed into law, nine months since the law took effect, and there hasn’t been any gunfights at the O.K. Corral since 1881. 

Will that affect the Brady Campaign and Illegal Mayors Against Guns?

Probably not. 

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Counter Strike Force

Counter Strike Force

Not you're father's FBILook, I understand the need to make your vocational school more attractive to the younger generation. I also understand that making your offer more appealing and more exciting than it may be.

But maybe putting up a video game character in place of anything even approaching reality might be taking it a bit too far. And yes, that is a real ad.

Technically, there have been Italian supercars in police service, but no, you aren’t going to drive one.

I’m surprised they didn’t have Studly McFbidude over there pose with an H+K MP7 with a red dot sight and a Glock practical tacticles in .357 Sig.

Clothes Make The Man

Clothes make the man

Before I worked as a photog, I spent a couple of years behind the counter of a professional-level camera store. We had some of the best shooters in town buy from us, and some others as well. 

One guy I’ll always remember was middle-aged dude who’d come in at the same time each Saturday wearing a photog’s vest and chat cameras with us, a VERY common occurrence in a camera store. He’d talk about shutter delay and X-Sync and motor drive speed and then, after an hour or two, walk out the door back to his car, take off his immaculately clean and pressed photojournalist’s vest and drive off. 

Yep. He’d put on a shooter’s vest just to go into a store to talk about cameras. That was his idea of being a photographer.

He never came into the store during the weekday when all our other pro shooters would come in, and we never did figure out which camera this gentleman actually owned and used, but by gum, he could talk up a storm about every one on our shelves. 

So Tam’s story has a ring of familiarity about it

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