Desert Classic After-Action Report

Desert Classic After-Action Report

A New Record

By winning Open Class GM, Max Michel went eight-for-eight in USPSA area championships this year, something that no one else has done.

Shootin’ Stars

I’m a fan of History Channel’s Top Shot: No other shooting show on TV has EVER brought in the ratings like it did last season, and it was a real treat to RO Blake Miguez and Brad Engmann through my stage, and congrats to Brad for taking top honours in Production. 

Blake Miguez

Brad Engmann

With a Glock, of course. 

Why that Stage? Why not one where I sucked? 

Thanks to some magically disappearing no-shoot targets in between Friday and Saturday, Stage 5 was tossed from the final results, and I did quite good on it, too. 


Hey, who let Chris Dudley in here? 

I am now officially the slowest white guy in USPSA. I wanted to work on my accuracy (and I have), so now it’s time to work on speed. Watching that video, it looks like the two things I can do right away to improve my speed are moving quicker and improving my transitions. 

Mod El PrezThe moving quicker part is a function of my physical conditioning, which is an area of my life I’ve neglected for quite a while. The transitions I can improve with training also and I’ll start to focus more on them in my El Presidenté drills during my practice sessions. 

To judge how well all of this is working, I’m going to modify the classic El Presidenté drill and bring a bit of movement into it. Rather than just stand in the middle of the three targets, 10 yards downrange and shoot the three targets twice, I’ll stand parallel to the left target, turn, engage the first target at 10 yards, the second target at 7 yards, and the last target at 10 yards, reload, run to the second box and engage the three targets a second time. This should help develop better movement and transition skills, and if not, I’ll try something else.

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It’s So Much More Fun When You Don’t Stink Up The Joint.

It’s so much more fun when you don’t stink up the joint.

Day One of the staff/RO shoot at the Rio Salado Desert Classic is under my belt, and it’s been the best shooting I’ve done in my life. No major brain fades and only two or three outright misses. My plan to concentrate on accuracy over speed is working

Stage 9 

Stage 9

Standing at table, hands relaxed at sides. Gun loaded, flat inside briefcase. 

On Signal: Retrieve gun and engage targets as they become visible from within the fault lines. 

Rounds: 27 
Targets: 12 metric, 2 pepper poppers, 1 mini pepper popper
Points: 135 

My score

22 A
4 C
1 M 

32.98 seconds 

The accuracy is there. Now I need to work on speed.

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New Shootey Goodness

New Shootey Goodness

I just sighted in my new three gun AR. It went from from this: 


To this: 


  • New Dane Armory upper 
  • Magpul stock
  • Yankee Hill handguard
  • Magpul backup sights
  • Magpul angled foregrip 
  • Arredondo magwell
  • Falcon ergo grip
  • Trigger job
  • Ambidextrous safety

Courtesy of Dane Armory.

It’s hard to find a good gunsmith: There a lot of smiths out there who do great work, but are lacking when it comes to customer service, and there are personable gunsmiths who couldn’t do a trigger job on a capgun. Dane Armory is both, and I highly recommend their services.

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Why Carry?

Why carry?

A quiet Saturday afternoon in a convenience store on a busy downtown street is the last place you’d think that a shooting might happen. 


A man shot at his Phoenix store Saturday has died, according to police.
Phoenix police Sgt. Keith Doherty said the shooting occurred around 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the Dollar Market near Van Buren and 16th streets.
Doherty said officers responded to a call of shots fired and found the store owner 39-year-old Imtiaz Canwar with a gunshot wound to the face inside the store.
Canwar was transported to a local hospital in critical condition where he later died from his injuries.
The search for the two suspects in this case continues as of Monday.
Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said the suspects in this case are both believed to be Hispanic males, 17 to 20 years old, about 5 feet 5 inches tall, and about 125 pounds.
Crump said both suspects were wearing white t-shirts and long white socks. One of them was wearing red shorts, and the other was wearing khaki shorts. 

My thoughts and prayers are with los Canwar tonight, and may justice be sure and swift for his murderers. 

Oh, and did I mention this happened less than a mile away from where I work? 

Why carry, indeed.

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Something I Don’t Get…

Something I don’t get…

… is the whole chicks with guns thing (and no, I’m not talking about Babes with Bullets, I’m talking about this sort of thing). 

Every month I get a catalog/flyer from Dillon an some attractive young lass on the front cover holding some sort of infernal weapon, and every month it goes straight into the recycling bin. 

I’m not against the display of the female form (remind me to tell you about some of the fashion shoots I worked on), nor (obviously) am I against guns, I just don’t see how one enhances the other. 

And that applies to car magazine cover girls and trade show exhibition booth babes, too. I appreciate the eye candy, but it doesn’t help sell your product. 

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Blogger After-Action Report

Blogger After-Action Report

Another Bloggershoot has come and gone, and again, no bloggers were shot. 

Kevin from The Smallest Minority and myself organized a get-together today at the Elsy Pearson Range in Casa Grande. 

The weather was fantastic, and a lot of people took advantage of the climate to come out to the range and shoot, some with our little get-together, some not.

Kevin rocked the steel with his AR. 

The Smallest Minority

Mz. Vast-Right-Wing conspiracy and Capitalist Pig from Great Satan Inc showed up, and despite the fact they told me them twice, I still can’t remember the names of the two servicemen from Ft. Hauchuca and who were also there.

I suck at remembering names. Badly.

“Of course my gun is unloaded. See? {blam}” 

Holey cow!

Kevin again, with his ultra-schweet M21 22  23 24 M25. Despite how it looks, no, he is NOT shooting the 25 yard target in this photo.


And a few benches down, an Earth-shattering *ka-boom*! 

Reject The Suck

Reject the suck

One of the things I’ve noticed about being a) online a lot and b) a shooter is the almost uniform suckitude of the website for almost all small to medium-size firearms-related websites. 

Trainers, manufacturers, ranges, it doesn’t matter, small commercial firearms websites seem to fall into one of two broad categories. 

1. “I need a website, but I don’t have the money to hire someone and I don’t know anyone who does websites, so I’ll build it myself using a commercial, off-the-shelf ‘web design’ program like iWeb or Microsoft Publisher.”

2. “I’ll get my cousin/nephew/brother-in-law who’s a web programmer to build me a website ’cause he’s all smart about this and stuff.” 

Either way will get you a website, but what it won’t get you is an effective website that’s designed for a purpose, because you never defined the reasons why you need a website, and then built around that. 

I’m a professional internet marketing dude. In my day job, I run the e-marketing for a major non-profit relief and development agency. But I’m also a shooter, and I want to see my sport/passion/hobby put it’s best foot forward, so in my spare time, I build websites for small firearms-related businesses. 

I’ve been tasked with overhauling the website for the Rio Salado Desert Classic, and over the next few months, I’ll periodically post updates on the progress made and the setbacks we encountered and most important of all, reasons why we are doing what we’re doing, and the outcomes we hope to achieve with our actions. 

Stay tuned. 

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Just A Reminder…

Just a reminder…

The Central Arizona Bloggershoot is this Saturday. Come celebrate the resounding defeat of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and/or blow off your frustrations at the direction our country has taken. 

Date: Saturday, November 6th
Time: 8 am (-ish) to whenever (Kevin’s getting there at 7am: I like my rest, so I’m planning for 8).
Location: Elsy Pearson Rifle Range, Casa Grande
Food: Bring your own, and water too
Targets: Bring those too