Fast Cars And Freedom

Fast Cars and Freedom

The Arizona Rifleman expounds upon the logical connection between personal freedom and personal transportation, and mentions one of my all-time favourite shows, Top Gear.

While it may be difficult to find practical alternatives for long-distance transportation like the Eurostar (though one can make it from the Guildford, UK to Monte Carlo by ferry and car before a train can get you there, according to Top Gear), there’s really no excuse to not have one’s own local transportation. 

What good is the right to bear arms if you can’t go more than a mile from your house because of a bus strike? And what’s the point of the right to free speech if you just walk around shouting out your anger at life’s many injustices inside the walls of your home? 

To borrow from A.E. van Vogt, the right to personal transportation is the right to be free. 

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Moving Pictures

Moving pictures

Steel, PRGC, 10/08A quick update on the iPhone 4 and shot timer apps: They work, but you have to crank up the sensitivity on the things up to 100%.  Which is a good thing to know, because my iPhone has become a very useful thing to have in my range bag. 

First off is the shot timer app: Both Surefire and Taurus have free timer apps out there, and there’s a paid versions as well. Considering that shot timers start at around $120, this app alone is almost worth the price of an iPhone. 

Secondly is the camera: The camera in the iPhone 4 is a 5 megapixel camera with a decent lens and autofocus, and it also shoots 720p video (see below). The camera comes in REALLY handy for documenting stages, and the video is incredibly useful for spotting the many, many mistakes I make on any given stage. 

On the video below is my run thru the stage described on the right, and it’s also the first time I shot my P07 in competition. Right off the bat, I can see that I’ve got to start moving to a new shooting box right after I finish shooting: There’s a noticeable delay between when I stop shooting in the first box, drop my mag and move on to the next box, which is something i’ll need to work on in the next few weeks. Oh, and I need to actually hit the friggin’ target. That’d help, but as this is my first run with a new gun, I’m pretty satisfied with the results. 

Thirdly, the iPhone can store shooting drills, notes, and all the other bits of information needed in any given practice session, and if that’s not enough, Saul Kirsch has some interesting apps for scoring IPSC and Steel Challenge, as well as a practice app to guide your training sessions.

It’s gotten to the point where for any given trip to the range, I need my gun, ammo, eye and ear protection and my iPhone: It’s become my second brain at the range.

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Maybe I Should Have Stayed In Bed

Maybe I should have stayed in bed

I managed to get out to the range nice and early today in order to get in some practice ahead of Thursday Night Steel and make another entry into The Quest For C Class.

Bad mistake. 

First, the red mist descended once again and I totally blew the Dot Torture drill. 44/50, and no, no picture of the results. It’s my own darn fault, as I could tell I was jerking the trigger again, and I know that’s because I haven’t been putting in my dry-fire time as of late. 

And it went downhill from there. 

I thought I’d at least salvage some of the practice session by shooting some El Presidenté drills, but on my very first attempt I forgot to take a spare mag with me to shooting box. Hoping to learn something from that mental error, I looked down to see what my time was on the first six shots and I realized the Surefire shot timer on my brand-new iPhone 4 hadn’t picked up the shots and given me a score. I put my phone right next to the pistol and shot multiple times, but It turns out that the noise-cancelling microphone on the iPhone4 works so well, it makes all the shot timer apps out there obsolete


And then, on top of that, I started to put away my CZ75, and I noticed that my front sight was nowhere to found. Sometime during the failed El Presidenté and the attempts to get the timer working, the front sight had worked it’s way out of the dovetail and zoomed off into space. 

Maybe I should take up needlepoint or something. 

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AR Gratia Artis

AR gratia artis

People say that art can’t have a purpose, that in order for something to be a work of art it must not have a reason for it’s existence other than itself.

Behold, the gun as art *.

* It has to be art, because there’s no other excuse for it that I can figure out.

Not Gonna Make It

Not gonna make it

So the idea was to be a “C” class shooter in the USPSA by the Desert Classic

I may be capable of shooting at the level of a “C” class shooter by then, but it looks I won’t be ranked as such by the time the classic rolls around. The plan was that I’d practice, practice, practice, shoot some low-stress (but non-sanctioned) steel matches to boost my confidence and then shoot an all-classifier match right before the Classic.

However, it looks like there won’t be an all-classifier match prior to the Desert Classic this year, which means I’ll go into it with my current ranking. 

PRODUCTION Class: D Pct: 29.77 High Pct: 29.77 

After the Classic, I’ll start shooting more USPSA-sanctioned matches so I can get a ranking that matches my skills. Either way, the practice I’ve put in will be invaluable to protecting my loved ones from harm, and that’s the reason why I’m doing this in the first place.

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New Holster

New holster

Seeings how this post is the #2 result for “tuckable P07”, I thought an update is in order. After scouring the Internets for a tuckable IWB holster for my CZ P07, I decided, based on this post at, to go with a Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe for the Springfield XD. I like the concept of hybrid holsters, as they combine the easy re-holstering and retention of kydex with the comfort of leather, and I wanted a holster that would mimic my BladeTech IDPA holster as much as possible and yet still offer almost total concealment. 

It should be here in a few weeks, with a report to follow after that.

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Time for another Arizona gunblogger get-together in Casa Grande! 

Date: Saturday, November 6th
Time: 8 am (-ish) to whenever (Kevin’s getting there at 7am: I like my rest, so I’m planning for 8).
Location: Elsy Pearson Rifle Range, Casa Grande
Food: Bring your own, and water too
Targets: Bring those too

Last year’s meetup was a heck of a good time, and we hope to see even more people out there this time. RSVP here or at Kevin’s